Polaroid Packages

Everybody loves the look and feel of a Polaroid instant photograph.

For several years instant photographs have been unavailable as the photography business has rushed to abandon film for the speed and convenience of digital photography.

But now Polaroid’s are back, and Julius and James is bringing film back to your wedding to create unique, one of a kind images that you and your guests will treasure.

We use refurbished Polaroid Land cameras and new Fuji Instax cameras in a number of creative ways to enhance your wedding with unique images.

1.Polaroid Photo Booths. – Have a roving photographer take creative candid and portrait shots of your guests at your wedding reception. Display the photos at the event for guests to collect as they leave. We scan the images on site so you receive digital copies to share with all your friends via social media. Cost is $5 per photo for small, business card sized photos, and $10 for large photos, +$300 for an additional photographer.

2. Use Polaroids in addition to digital wedding photography. Want Julius and James to take Polaroid photos in addition to our digital photography of your wedding day? We’d be delighted to. Your unique wedding photos will stand out. Cost is $10 per photo, + $50 for scanning and retouching.

3.Polaroid Studio or Location Engagement Session. Come into our Toronto studio for a Polaroid photo session and walk away with a set of instant photographs. Retouched digital scans will be sent out a few days later so you and all your friends can share in the fun. We can supply a make-up artist and fashion stylist to make your images perfect. Cost is $10 per photo, +$50 for scanning and retouching, plus extras, to be determined by mutual agreement.

All photos this page, from our “Mad Men Wedding” studio photo shoot.
Photographers, Stephen James Kerr & Julius Ding
Assistants: Julius Ding, Zhi Gao, Steph Lao
Models: Scott Fung, Alexandra Beech, Inna Evtoushenko
Makeup: Nicole Ostonal
Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe: Cat Shanahan
Prop Styling: Stephen James Kerr & Courage My Love
Flowers: Fresh Florals, courtesy of Bruno Duarte
Cake generously provided by Bobette and Belle.
Bride wears original 1950s cotton wedding dress, courtesy of Cat Shanahan, Sam Edelman green pumps, 1960s vintage designer’s deadstock beaded pearl and lace dress, courtesy of Cat Shanahan and Michael Kors shoes. Accessories courtesy of Cat Shanahan, Courage My Love, and the personal collection of F.M. Kerr.
Groom wears skinny black suit by TopMan, white tuxedo shirt courtesy of Courage my Love, Ted Baker patent leather shoes. White Jacket and tie courtesy of Courage My Love.
Mother of the Bride wears 1950s vintage evening dresses and wedges courtesy of Cat Shanahan, Gloves and purse courtesy of Courage My Love, accessories courtesy of Cat Shanahan, Courage My Love, and the personal collection of F.M. Kerr.



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